How to make your homepage perform like a beast and catalyze conversions

What’s the point of having a website when nobody scrolls past your hero image?

If your value proposition doesn’t catch your prospect’s attention and fails to lead them past the following copy, you’re losing business faster than a falling plane.

Your homepage is the most important real estate online. Yet it is shabby, clunked, stuffed with words that don’t add any value to your prospects.

A bad homepage damages your reputation. It tarnishes your brand. It takes your business down.

Use these simple homepage copywriting techniques to snowball your sales and amplify your influence:

  1. Replace “I”, “We”, “Our”, “Ours” with “You”, “Your” and “Yours” to make your copy appealing to your prospects instead of tooting your own horn. Let the message on your website invite them already. Show them you’re serve them. Prove it to them that they are your priority and you’re nothing short of value.
  2. Make sure you state what you do – loud and clear. You could be a startup owner, creative entrepreneur, agency owner or an angel investor – whoever you are – Say it. Declare it. Announce it. But do it in a way that highlights the one biggest benefit you offer, the one big problem you solve for your prospects.
  3. Highlight the outcome of your product or service. You are in business for a reason. You work hard for that one purpose – to help your clients. But a majority of the homepages online barely scratch the surface of communicative marketing. Explain the outcome and let the message sink in. Let then relate, imagine, desire and own the outcome. Then, they’re ready to buy.
  4. Offer an incentive. A homepage without an incentive is a waste of your online real estate. It’s like flushing down your dollar bills aimlessly. You are letting all your hot leads slip away in a snap instead of seizing the opportunity to help them, to get registered in their minds and to stay right there.
  5. Show them what it’s like to work with you. Let them taste your work. At first, give immense value. And then give some more. This goes without saying. But did you know you can do that innovatively? For instance, inserting conversion metrics in your testimonials, including real stats from real people and getting to the nitty-gritty numbers make your prospects trust you more. It’s dear psychology at work! It’s like feeling safe to get treated by the same doctor who treated your uncle earlier rather than landing up in a certain Dr. Strange’s office.

Optimizing your homepage is easy. You just have to make sure you’re checking the above list.

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