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Roshni Shaikh, Chief Copywriter

Hi, I’m Roshni!

A Copyhackers certified Conversion Copywriter and Content Strategist who has helped businesses like yours – generate quality leads, rank #1 on Google, snowball their social following and most importantly, make thousands of dollars in revenue.

Roshni helped me sell out my $500 product online just within 5 days. She is the one I think of when I think about online sales.

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Results I can get for you

  • Web Copy + Social media marketing that resulted in 1000+ paying customers and $10,000+ in revenue for a client in Brussels.

  • Blog copywriting that’s helped my client Rank #1 on Google for a high competition keyword – “Map AI to email marketing”

  • SEO copywriting that’s helped my own website Rank #1 on Google Images for the keyword – “Empathetic Copywriting”

  • Web copy with conversion rates as high as 32.14% (industry average is <6%) which led to 27 subscribes within 1 hour of launching:

  • Email Marketing with Opening Rates and CTR as high as 59.5% and 13.7%:

How I became a certified conversion copywriter

I worked as a front-end developer who created web apps for big names in the banking industry for 5 years before becoming a full-time copywriter. Now I use my software experience backed with conversion science + marketing psychology to create web content that brings in conversions easily for my clients.

So far, I’ve helped 30+ entrepreneurs own their message, amplify their influence and make more money.

If that’s what you’re looking for too, let’s talk.

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