Hi! I’m Roshni!

Roshni Shaikh

I help entrepreneurs like you expand your digital presence + shun those writing fears!

Roshni Shaikh About me

I write for...

➤Businesses with a strong vision

➤Entrepreneurs who inspire change

➤Leaders who make this world a better place

You're here because...

➤Your brand needs smart and sassy words to sell well!

➤You are battling to express your innovativeness!

➤You simply don't have the time!

Roshni Shaikh About me
Roshni Shaikh About me

What I do here?

➤ I write to make your message greater

➤ I write compelling copy that culls your competition

➤ I write it up for you, so you can focus on things you actually want to!

What’s my Mantra…aka…Manifesto?

✺ Buckle up, get up and keep moving forward … no matter what! ✺

✺ Time is our most precious asset. That’s why, I never miss deadlines! ✺

✺ Too many “gurus” make your business a broth. So give an ear, but only once in a while! ✺

✺ Success is the sweetest revenge. The next time you get rejected or are pulled down, remember, you are taking a step back because you are launching big! ✺

✺ Love nature. Hug & save trees. Play in water, feel the breeze. ✺

✺ The next time you feel like screaming from the inside, go look at the open skies, take a deep breath and remember your “whys”. ✺

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