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Boost conversions and add to your ARR by discovering your user's intent and mapping crystal clear customer paths.

"Extremely well thought-out email plan and user journeys."

"Both versions of my course were sold out! Your copy helped me sell more of the new track I introduced in this cohort. The VoC data and SWOT Analysis you did were incredibly detailed. Your tenacity and commitment to the project - You went above and beyond every step of the way. Your work ethic is incredible and I only say that about one other person in our industry 🙂"
Samar Owais
Samar Owais
Email Strategist - Hubspot, Workamajig

"Most people claim that they're conversion copywriters. But they're not. You're one of the rare few who knows how to deliver conversion copy."

"Roshni, you're a star! I just went through the copy and walkthrough video and you've really hit it out of the park. I can definitely see that you've clearly done the deep work and research and you've taken the time to understand what the value propositions are and what needs to be said to help the product position. The copy is looking fantastic! You know your stuff and this is amazing work."
Eden Bidani Conversion Copywriter
Eden Bidani
Founder, CAPE Agency

"Get your Product Marketing off the ground!"

"Roshni dived deep into the core of our product and helped us articulate our SaaS Product Offer. She not only helped us pull out the best, must-have benefits but UX-formatted the copy for a clear flow. The page layouts and wireframes she conceptualized were extremely helpful. They were designed carefully, considering the stages of your user's journey. I'd highly recommend Roshni to businesses looking to get their Product Marketing off the ground."
Ray Mongey
Founder of Octovid +


Hi, I'm Roshni!

I’m a SaaS Conversion Strategist and Copywriter who’s helped enterprise businesses and startups alike:

1. Book more demos

2. Increase free trial sign-up

3. Increase ARR 

4. Increase organic traffic by 166% within 3 months

5. Improved organic user engagement by 5x compared to paid traffic

Roshni Shaikh
Chief Copywriter, Content Primer

"Rank #1 on Google consistently within days and increase organic traffic by 166% within 3 months."

"80% of the blogs she wrote either rank #1 on Google or on the first page of Google. Our user engagement has gone up. (5x compared to paid traffic). Bounce rate reduced by 6.32% and organic traffic grew up 166% within 3 months. Roshni created the SEO Content Strategy and implemented the blogs for us."
Hannah H
Director of Brand Marketing, Supply Chain SaaS

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Roshni Shaikh
Conversion Copywriter Roshni Shaikh

"Finding a great copywriter who understands your vision for a project is not easy. It's like sifting through the rubble for gold."

" Roshni was able to understand the pain points and articulate it clearly because she's lived the problem we're trying to solve. Her ability to evoke emotion with powerful words is second to none. I'm extremely happy with her work and I look forward to hiring her in the future!"
Chima Mmeje
Chima Mmeje
Founder of ZenithCopy + TheFCDC