Generate qualified leads without worrying about AdSpend

With conversion-focused web copy that locks in your audience, solves their plexing riddles and positions you as the go-to-expert.

Your impatient reader is curious to know

Who you really are..

What you can do for them..

Why they should trust you over someone else.

So you should - Position your brand confidently with clear messaging

When people visit your website for the first time,

Don’t leave them doubting you or your capability.

Don’t leave them confused with muddled messaging.


You want them to come forward looking for you – every single time.

Let’s make that happen!


Hi, I'm Roshni!

I’m the mind and matter behind Content Primer. I’m a Conversion Copywriter who makes 5-figure launches your new normal.

I’ve helped dozens and twens of entrepreneurs own their messaging and look and sound confident online. 

My mission it to make you your next 5-figures with sales copywriting that not only brings home cash, but also a following you’ll love to keep.

Roshni Shaikh
Chief Copywriter, Content Primer

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Business Blogging

Drive 61% More Leads Than Before

Lead-Gen Copy that puts you in the spotlight and brings home your golden star.

Business Blogging

Perennial 5-Figure Launch Plan

You don’t want to be ogling at and wishing you owned your competitor’s offers.

Business Blogging

Rank #1 on Google

Expand your digital reach and your authority in your industry.

Business Blogging

Make 36.1% your normal Email OR

Eye-catching subject lines and sales-inducing story time to keeps your audience in the loop

Landing page copy that gets you booked out for the year

Roshni helped us with web copywriting that booked out registrations for our annual event. We hired Roshni to take care of all of our Copywriting needs to grow our audience and maximize sales. Roshni not only helped us increase audience engagement by 38%, she lead creative direction to give our brand a massive makeover that makes us look good online! We're proud of our website now!

Get 61% more ready-to-buy leads than before

I was struggling to generate leads because all my time went in serving my clients and I couldn't really focus on social media and copywriting. That's when I had Roshni on board and she created lead magnets and social media promotion plan that got me 61% more leads than before. She helped me get booked like never before! Highly highly recommend her!

Communicate Your Real Value,
Make More Sales

You and I, we never buy from an over-smart salesman,

Then why should your website sound repelling and lose conversions?

Throw the pseudo-sophistication out of your message


Help your prospects validate you faster

With direct, clear copy.

Because you don’t want to make it harder for your hot leads to hire you.

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