FREE Copywriting Course for Freelancers and Business Owners who want to DIY their Web Copy!

Writing web copy is easy. It’s the pre-work and research that fails most of the writers. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this course.

Your website copy should:

CONVEY your idea clearly

Learn how to communicate what you do in simple clear language without wasting the opportunity to connect with your prospects.

CONNECT with your readers instantly

Learn how to express your beliefs and your why in a way that makes your audience agree with you.

Materialize your message

Learn how to convince your readers with data and results that'll actually make them believe in you.

CONVERT them easily

Learn how to get them to say "yes" one last time just before they click the CTA.

Learn how not be sale-sy

Not all who land on your website will buy from you..
Not all who say yes will buy from you..
Not all who praise you will buy from you..

So who really buys from you?

The one who's known you..
The one who's agreed with you..
The one who's invested their trust in you..
This person..will buy from you.

And if you mess up with this order of conveying, connecting, convincing and converting, you come across as salesy or spammy.

How to con'win'ce your prospects to buy from you..

Win them over!
They need to feel connected to what you're saying before they get to buying.
You gotta nail down their exact challenges and frustrations to get them to connect with you.
You gotta show them that you know what it feels like to be them.
And, you gotta let them know that you have the solution to their problems.
Because, they're not interested in buying your services, they're only interested in buying a solution to their problems. And good copy does just that - seamlessly sells the solution.

So what is good copy made of?

Simple but strong language

Be authoritative and simplistic at the same time.

Words that speak to your ideal prospect

Address the real problems like a real person in real words.

Headlines that stick

Entice the reader to keep reading.

Benefits over features

People buy convenience, not features in a product.

dissolve all DOUBTS

Unprove the objections on copy before they give you a reason to leave.

DIY your web copy in just 5 days

And turn your prospects into buying clients.

Our clients say

"Writing terrified me until I learnt how to write confidently from Roshni. This course is fab! I'm writing a sales page today and all thanks to the amazing insider tips in the course. Love it all! "
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