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Writing web copy is easy. It’s the pre-work and research that fails most of the writers. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in the course.

Your website copy has a job to do..It should:

CONVEY your idea clearly

Communicate what you do in simple clear language. Don't complicate your headline with jargon, vocabulary ad slang. This wastes your opportunity of connecting with your prospects.

CONNECT with your readers instantly

Express your beliefs. Tell them why you are in business. Share your values and form that connect. This is where you arrive on a middle-ground. This is where you agree upon things and kick-start your relationships.

CONVINCE them with data

After you've connected, materializing your message becomes easy if you direct your readers towards a desired goal. Your audience is looking for results. Show them results and you win.

CONVERT them easily

Here is where you make them say yes, again. All of your above efforts go down the drain if you do not know how to take it further. This is when you make that sale and convert your prospect into a client/customer.

Good copy always talks about your customer first...

You come across as sale-sy and spammy if you mess up with your order of conveying, connecting, convincing and converting.

And to con'win'ce your prospects, they need to feel connected to what you're saying.

You need to be able to nail down their exact problem areas and then offer your solution in a way that makes them feel - your solution is exactly what they needed.

That's why, copywriting is all about making you look like the expert you ALREADY are; and the one your prospects need!

How does good copy increase your sales?

The point of web copy is to bring your brand, services and ideas closer to your audience.

Good copy highlights the benefits of working with you. It entices your reader (in a good way) to wish for similar results as your past clients.

Good copy is an authentic way to expand your audience reach through connective messaging and making the sale to your soulmate clients without the push, pressure and persuasion.

So what is good copy made of?

Simple but strong language

Strike a balance between being authoritative and simplistic. Don't put up a vocabulary show. Nobody cares. It's not GRE (the exam.)

Words that speak to your ideal prospect

Loosen up and write in a conversational tone. You're one person speaking with another. Address the real problems like a real person.

Headlines that stick

You wouldn't be reading this if my headlines didn't lead you till here. Headlines show how much you know about what you are talking about. It's clarity.

Benefits over features any day

People buy convenience, not features in a product. So focus and highlight how beneficial your service/product is instead of counting its features.

dissolve all user objections

The only reason why your prospects do not buy from you is the X number of objections they hold. Unprove their objections to win them.

Sprinkle some 'personality' dust

All the fight to stand out in a sea of noise ends when you inject personality into your writing.

A good mix of the right keywords

That dash of relevance and resonance happens when you balance the keywords out of your content.

the right stats that prove your credibility

Numbers are always impressive. That's why we have ranks, orders, top 20s and 50s et all. Use them to boost them further.

social proof to back you and your prowess up

Don't use fluffy testimonials stuffed with adjectives. Use real words your clients use.

lastly..Be Honest, be authentic

Without honesty and being your real self, it doesn't show up in your words. Don't try to be anything other than your own. It'll show up as an inconsistent and confused voice. So, be honest!

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