Case Study: How a B2B SaaS Client saw a 234.27% Increase In Targeted Organic Traffic within 6 months

➜ 223% more user retention compared to paid traffic

➜ 168% better conversions than paid traffic

➜ Consistently rank #1 on Google within days instead of months

➜ Organic traffic showed 517% more engagement

The Client

The client is a B2B enterprise SaaS logistics intelligence platform that helps supply chains reduce their shipping costs through increased visibility of operations across verticals.

The Challenge

Amidst a sea of competitors, the customer was looking to position as a competitive logistics intelligence platform, increase their brand awareness by ranking on Google, drive more targeted traffic and bring more MQLs organically.

Goals and KPIs

  1. Drive targeted organic traffic and increase brand awareness ✔
  2. Increase user retention on the website ✔
  3. Improve overall brand engagement ✔

Results With Proof Of Data

  1. 261% Growth in organic traffic within 3 quarters
  2. 223% more user retention compared to paid ads
  3. 517% increase in brand engagement
  4. Organic traffic converted 168% better than paid traffic

234.27% growth in organic traffic in 6 months

Organic traffic in Feb, 2021 was just 2,614.

Organic traffic in October increased to 6,124. 

That’s 234.27% increase in organic leads within 6 months.

Organic traffic converted 168% better than paid traffic

Organic traffic = 19,220
The number of pageviews from organic users = 44,002

Average pageviews per organic user = (44,002 / 19,220) = 2.29

Average pageviews per organic user is 2.29

Paid traffic = 81,533

The number of pageviews from paid traffic = 1,11,366

Average pageviews per paid user = (1,11,366 / 81,533) = 1.36

Average page views per paid user is 1.36

Conversion Performance of Organic Traffic Vs. Paid traffic = 1.683

Result: Organic traffic converted 168% better than paid traffic. Implies that organic content is more targeted and speaks to the user, and therefore, they stay 168% more engaged with the content than paid traffic.

Created one of the top-performing landing pages with the longest daily average dwell time

6.32% reduction in bounce rate equating to more user engagement than before

517% more engagement from organic traffic compared to paid traffic

Average session duration of organic traffic = 1:27 minutes

avg session duration of paid traffic = 0:17 minutes

Engagement = (Avg session duration of organic traffic / Avg session duration of paid traffic)

Engagement = 1:27 / 0:17

[1:27 minutes translates to 1.45 minutes, 0:17 minutes translates to 0.28 minutes]

Engagement = 1.45/0.28 = 5.17

Engagement % = 517%

Result: Engagement from organic traffic is 517% more compared to paid traffic

Organic traffic also had 261% more returning visitors than paid traffic

223% more user retention compared to paid traffic

By the time we reached the last quarter, visitor retention through organic traffic was 223% more than retention through paid traffic.

So what?

Ranks #1 on Google even after 18 months from the date of publishing beating FedEx on its own keyword

Ranked #1 on Google **consistently** within 5 days of publishing instead of waiting for months

Rank #1 on Google within 5 days for 44 keywords

The 10-Step Repeatable Process to Rank #1 on Google *Consistently* and stay there

How did we achieve that?

  1. 80% of the blogs I wrote either ranked #1 on Google or on the first page of Google. This led to 3 things:
    1. Increased traffic
    2. Increased engagement
    3. Increased brand awareness

We don’t just take the top spots on text SERPs, we also own it on Google Images

Process: Spot on on-page SEO does the trick

So what? Benefits of image SEO

Increase brand awareness + increase engagement
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