Get a website that positions YOU as an authority

With conversion copy optimized for SEO + UX.
Make your readers choose you over your competition.

"We capped our limits and sold out our Event Registrations!"

"The website Roshni engineered (copy + concept + design) helped us position as an authoritative brand. And not just that, we had an excellent response from our audience and we sold out our event registrations. Highly recommend!"
Sreeman, Founder IFF
Sreeman S.
Founder IFF, BXL

Get a website that makes YOU the obvious choice

By communicating your unique selling proposition..

By conveying why they should trust you..

By creating a unique image of your brand in your audience’s minds..

Because the words on your website don’t matter unless…

They’re converting!

Let's Make Your Website The Face Of Your Business

Here’s how it works: 👇


This is where I study your business, take the audience research data and do the groundwork needed to lay the foundations of conversion copy.


How does your finished website look like? What messages are being conveyed? How's your brand identity going to reflect in the messaging? These questions might be buzzing in your mind right now. So, this is where all the raw data is organized and spread out into a strategic sequence of messaging and copy that's prepping to convert.

PHASE 3: first draft + Live Revision Call

During our copy presentation call, we'll discuss research, strategy and reasoning - the whats, hows and whys behind the messaging you see on page. This is where we perform the compliance and accuracy edits, assess the TOV, and finalize the copy and wireframes.

PHASE 4: Launch-ready Copy

Changes and appropriate suggestions are validated and incorporated. Once this is done, the final version of Wireframed Conversion Copy is handed over to you. If you've also opted for web design and development, this is where copy meets design. And once design is finalized, we'll hop on a design presentation call to discuss changes before the final handover and go live.

"Get your Product Marketing off the ground"

"Roshni dived deep into the core of our product and helped us articulate our SaaS Product Offer. She not only helped us pull out the best, must-have benefits but UX-formatted the copy for a clear flow. The page layouts and wireframes she conceptualized were extremely helpful. They were designed carefully, considering the stages of your user's journey. I'd highly recommend Roshni to businesses looking to get their Product Marketing off the ground."
Ray Mongey
Founder of Octovid +

"Get 61% more leads than before"

I was struggling to close leads on my website and that's when I brought Roshni on board and she took care of the lead magnet, website concept + copy, and social media promotion plan that got me 61% more leads than before! Highly highly recommend her!
Conversion Copywriting
Khushnum Sidhva
NLP Leader & Life Coach

Let's Amplify Your Influence®

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Web Copy + Design

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"Roshni is my MVP! She really knows what she's doing and knows exactly how to craft a profitable web content strategy"

I hired Roshni to revamp my web copy and craft inbound content marketing strategy and I'm super happy with the results. 80% of my web content is ranking on Google beating Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. Without any paid ads! She's the real MVP and I highly recommend hiring Roshni!
Angolina Amores
Supermodel & Financial Investor

"My business is taking off with speed purely because of your invaluable strategic guidance!"

You've provided outstanding service and invaluable strategic business guidance! You've been pivotal in my business growth. My business is taking off with speed purely because of all the changes you've guided me through! Honestly Roshni, you're such an invaluable asset to a business. So grateful for your expertise!
KateLondon(38) (1)
Kate London
Recovery & Confidence Coach

"She helped me structure my business while strategizing my service packages. I'd totally recommend hiring Roshni for web copy!"

Looking for a copy brain? Hire Roshni! When I read Roshni's featured content, I found my voice in her words. I hired Roshni to do my web copy and she did such a fab job. Her strategic advice and the way she adopted my voice in the copy was the best part of working with her. Plus, the 1:1 brainstorming session really helped me structure my business. Strategizing my service packages to build a profitable productized service was super cool! I'd totally recommend hiring her for web copywriting! I've already hired her to do my sales pages too and I love them!
Jessie D'Souza
Business Coach


Depending on how fast I get access to the research, data and collateral, it should take anywhere between 4-6 weeks max.

All good copywriters start with research. Research leads to keyword groups. Keyword groups give a page a purpose and the logical flow to keep the user hooked. This is why keyword research and message-motivation-matching are non-negotiable steps while writing copy. It’s part of the process.

Content Primer is known for outstanding service, work ethics, and commitment. We reply to your emails within 24 hours max. We keep you in the loop and keep you updated with the progress and backstage action regularly – at least twice a week. We also work in sprint phases. So there’s constant communication and you’re free to reach out to us any time. You get supreme support access.

Got you covered! Just specify your preferences during our strategy session and you’ll have it as you like it!

Profitable Pricing & Packaging is a smart way to sell more. When you combine productized services or pricing packages with captivating conversion copy, you make it easier for your prospects to choose you instead of  making you an option.

Since this is a service, there are no refunds. But there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee because the LIVE feedback + revision round is your superpower to make your copy sound all like you. Use this superpower.

Just email me at [email protected] and I’ll have your queries answered.

Kickass Conversion Inputs from just ONE Copy Audit Session

Roshni helped me identify and capture all the conversion leaks on my website in just 1 Copy Audit! Such great inputs!
Conversion Copywriting
Alison A.
Founder VLPC